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Nasal & Sinus Center of Austin

Comprehensive Nasal, Allergy, and Sinus Care in Austin and Lakeway

You may have suffered for months or years with nasal and sinus problems, thinking that since the allergy pills and nasal sprays weren’t fixing the problems you just had to suffer. Well, relief is within reach, and it is our primary focus. Austin may be the allergy capital, but we have thousands of patients – local, national, and international – who have made suffering a thing of the past.

Our ear, nose, and throat specialists have extensive experience in the medical evaluation and treatment of all forms of nasal and sinus disorders, including cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical procedures when surgery is necessary. Dr. Zachary D. Wassmuth, Dr. Latif Dharamsi, and Dr. Raymond Brown enjoy an exceptional reputation for providing comprehensive and innovative solutions, and they receive referrals from all over the United States.

Need Allergy Relief?

Capital ENT and Sinus Center ENT Nose Specialists in Austin

Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

Balloon sinuplasty permanently alleviates persistent sinus problems. It can be performed in the office so that you may return to work or school the same day.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

For more severe sinus and nasal problems, our unique minimally invasive endoscopic techniques greatly minimize the risk and discomfort often associated with traditional sinus surgery.


We utilize cutting-edge surgical techniques to correct the septum without the need for harsh packing and splinting.

Sleep Apnea Surgery

We feature state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and our own sleep study lab to help diagnose your sleep or snoring problem.


Nasal Polypectomy

We can treat nasal polyps as well as address underlying causes such as allergies. Our skilled surgeons have mastered a minimally invasive surgical technique that requires no painful postoperative nasal packing.

Turbinate Reduction

Often used with other procedures to eliminate chronic sinus pain and pressure, headaches, nasal congestion, and sleep disorders, a turbinate reduction is a minimally invasive treatment to reduce nasal obstruction.

Meet the Doctors

When you choose a physician, it’s the same process as how you decide to form any important relationship. The doctors of Capital ENT and Sinus Center offer an extraordinary level of compassion and knowledge which is reflected in the relationships we build with each of our patients.

With Locations in Austin and Lakeway

Staffed by board-certified otolaryngologists, Capital ENT and Sinus Center offers a superior level of treatment and service. Our physicians utilize cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical techniques to provide you with the most comprehensive and minimally invasive care. Most importantly, our doctors genuinely listen to your concerns and personalize their care to your specific needs.

Personal Care with Maximum Comfort

We are here to serve you and want you to know that our standard of patient care is the same standard we would apply to our own families. Our specialists are committed to providing you with timely and complete personalized care integrated with maximum comfort, convenience, and privacy.

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