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Welcome to Hearing Care Austin, a division of Capital Otolaryngology

Hearing Care Austin offers the full range of otological and audiological services to the Greater Austin area. Our otolaryngologist, Dr. Raymond J. Brown, has advanced otology training and a passion for working with patients of all ages suffering from ear, nose, and throat disorders.

Dr. Brown and our doctor of audiology, Margaux Colburn AuD, work together as a team to diagnose and treat patients with hearing concerns. We provide comprehensive evaluations on hearing and balance disorders, and we dispense and fit the full range of hearing aids, from entry level to the most advanced state-of-the-art devices.

If the severity of hearing loss precludes a patient from utilizing hearing aids, we also provide cochlear implants and osseo-integrated/bone-anchored devices. Dr. Brown performs the implantation surgery, and our audiologist guides patients through the process of learning to hear better by mapping the cochlear implant or programming the osseo-integrated device.

Donate a Hearing Aid!

Our practice now accepts hearing aid donations. SERTOMA Club’s SHARP program provides refurbished hearing aids for individuals in need. Hearing aids of any type or age are welcome.

Hearing Care Austin is also a dispensing site for Alison’s Hope for Hearing, a charitable organization that provides new hearing aids for qualifying patients at a reduced cost.


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We Have Your Hearing Needs Covered

Capital ENT and Sinus Center has all of your hearing needs covered. From newborns that fail a hearing screening to geriatric patients needing hearing aids, we have all the services you require in one location.

Our exceptional hearing care team includes a fellowship-trained otologist, and two audiologists with nearly 40 years of experience between them. Our Doctors and audiologists work together to provide a comprehensive medical and audiological evaluation to determine the cause of your hearing loss.

Do You Need An Advanced Microscopic Evaluation?

Our providers will perform an advanced microscopic evaluation of the ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear cavity. Any wax that blocks the canal can be painlessly removed. Detailed imaging using our in-office CT scanner can provide high-resolution images of the middle ear cavity to evaluate for causes of hearing loss. In addition, our audiologists conduct a wide variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate hearing in infants, children, adults, and special needs populations.

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Left untreated, hearing loss can cause communication problems leading to feelings of isolation and frustration. This does not have to be the case for you or your loved ones. At Capital ENT and Sinus Center, we offer a broad selection of hearing aids that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Today’s hearing instruments are more technologically advanced than ever. Modern hearing aids are using faster digital processing for programming and utilizing open-style fittings that don’t overly occlude or block the ear canal. As a result, patients can achieve higher satisfaction rates with the use of hearing aids. Hearing aids now also feature many wireless options via Bluetooth technology, which can enable hands-free communication over a cell phone, an example of which is the world’s first internet-ready hearing aid, the Oticon Opn™.

By being more technologically advanced than ever, modern hearing aids deliver excellent sound quality, allowing you to hear better effortlessly and greatly improving your ability to follow conversations in the presence of background noise. All of this is accomplished via devices that provide a comfortable, cosmetically appealing fit. After performing in-depth testing, our audiologists will take the time to find a customized solution based upon your individual lifestyle that is tailored to your specific challenges and needs.

Our Hearing Aid Services Include

Diagnostic hearing testing and hearing aid evaluation
Advanced name-brand digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers such as Oticon and Unitron
Risk-free trial prior to purchasing
Comprehensive care of hearing aids for the duration of the warranty, including cleanings, adjustments, and repairs done in our office
Insurance benefits accepted when available
0% interest financing options up to 12 months available through CareCredit for qualified applicants. Extended financing options are available via CareCredit for up to 60 months at a higher interest rate.

On average, the length of time that passes between when a person realizes they have a hearing loss to the time they actually do something about it is seven years. Don’t wait another day to find out what today’s advanced hearing aids can do for you. Capital ENT and Sinus Center offers Oticon, Unitron, Widex, Cochlear Americas, and Advanced Bionics. We are also a designated battery recycling location where you can drop off used hearing aid batteries for eco-friendly recycling.

Capital ENT and Sinus Center ENT Ear Specialists in Austin

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Once our team diagnoses your condition, they will develop an individualized treatment plan for your specific type of hearing loss. This may include medical treatment, surgery, hearing aids, or an implantable hearing device. At Capital ENT and Sinus Center, our full-service adult and pediatric audiology services include comprehensive hearing exams, newborn hearing testing, tinnitus testing, advanced digital hearing aids, and much more.


Dizziness / Imbalance

Determining the cause of your dizziness requires a thorough evaluation of your balance system. We can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your ear and balance system.


Our audiologists can evaluate your tinnitus to determine whether a treatable medical condition is present. If there is an underlying medical condition, we can provide treatment.

Other Ear Problems

We offer on-site state-of-the-art hearing and balance testing labs and full-time audiologists to offer care for newborns to the geriatric population throughout Central Texas.

Personal Care with Maximum Comfort

We are here to serve you and want you to know that our standard of patient care is the same standard we would apply to our own families. Our ENT doctors and audiologists are committed to providing you with timely and complete personalized care integrated with maximum comfort, convenience, and privacy.

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